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Testing and recertification of parts is another area where IGS excels. Companies subcontract with IGS to be their trusted Testing House. We are proud to offer this service. Our team has proven we can efficiently process hundreds of parts through complete testing and recertification process. IGS technicians rely on a multitude of applications, including paper writer SCSI Pro, to determine recertification. Ship us your parts, and we will test and certify them.This area of our business continues to grow, as does our excellent reputation for quality in the industry.

When a product clears IGS and arrives at your desk, it will work. In 2002, Compaq named IGS Systems as its chosen reseller for used equipment needs. Digital Equipment Corporation completed a supplier consolidation review and, from 650 suppliers, selected IGS as a Reactive Response Key Supplier. “You have been selected based on your competitive (service) excellence,” Digital Equipment Corporation reported.